Industrial & Promotional Labels

The right industrial and promotional product labels can help your products get across a strong message and distinguish your brand. Whether you’re running a targeted promotion, testing a new market or preparing for a big event, our custom labels help you drive sales and stay top of mind.

Shipping Labels/Tags

A shipping label/tag is a label which is affixed to the shipping container. The purpose of this label type is to provide all the necessary information to the parties involved in the logistics chain in order for them to perform shipping, handling, and receiving of the product in a most efficient way. We manufacture a varied range of label constructions to suit specific customer requirements. No matter what goods you ship we have a shipping label to suit it.

IRC Labels

IRC's (instant redemption coupons) uses an adhesively backed liner to affix your promotional offer to your package. IRC labels provide a unique opportunity to connect with your customers and drive sales. Good IRC labels help you stand out on store shelves as shoppers look for deals they can use right then and there.

Benefits of Instant Redeemable Coupons include:

  • Draw more attention to your product
  • Encourage customers to try your new product
  • Offer customers a cost saving coupon
  • Offer rebates
  • Enhance your brand and message

Static Cling Labels

Static cling labels are reusable vinyl labels which cling to smooth clean surfaces such as glass, metal and some plastics, without adhesive! Our fully customizable labels are easy to apply and may be simply removed and repositioned.

Benefits of Static Clings:

  • Non adhesive
  • Easy to personalize
  • Easy to remove and are re-useable
  • Durable
  • Can be applied on a wide surface range
  • Great for promotions, reminders and decorations

Consecutively Numbered Labels

We specialize in consecutively numbered labels that can turn your custom printed labels into labels you can keep perfect track of. Often used for the protection of goods or assets our consecutively numbered labels make it easy to keep a tab on all of your company’s valuable items.