Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive Label (also known as PSL, self-adhesive, self-stick adhesive) is a major category of adhesive and is a relatively thin flexible material with single or double sided coating. PSL will adhere to a variety of substrates when applied to most clean and dry surfaces with pressure. Pressure Sensitive adhesives do not require solvent, water, or heat to activate the adhesive. The bond is directly influenced by the amount of pressure which is used to apply the adhesive to the surface.

Pressure sensitive labels (PSL) are used in many different applications with new uses being discovered almost daily. PSL use will continue to grow as a solution to fastening and joining due to advances in adhesive technology, ease of use, and its low cost compared to traditional systems.

Advantages of pressure-sensitive labels

Because they don’t require heat, solvent or water to adhere to packages; pressure-sensitive labels is an easy and straightforward label solution. They’re easily applied onto containers, bottles and packaging; are highly versatile and can work with many types of products and finishes. Different adhesives can make pressure-sensitive labels removable or permanent, depending on your use. Some high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesives can last through extremely hot and cold temperatures.

Digital print Labels

Digital label printing is a rapidly developing technology that’s changing the label industry. Each year, new printers hit the market, improving the quality of labels available while reducing printing costs and turnaround times.

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