Specialty Labels

Piggyback labels are multi-layer constructions featuring one self-adhesive label on top of another. The top label is removable and can be reapplied elsewhere, while the bottom label is stationary remaining affixed to the original surface. Dynamic and versatile, piggyback labels can be created in constructions that adhere to paper, plastics, cardboard and metals. Top labels can be smaller than bottom labels for fast and easy removal or they can be the same size with or without tabs for removal.

Void Labels

A type of security label; these labels are designed to indicate that a label has been tampered with by displaying a void message on the substrate, on the back of the label or both when the label is removed.

Void labels are predominately manufactured from tamper evident white ‘VOID’ polyester vinyl to provide a secure seal and to prevent tampering of a warranted product. FlexoPartners Inc. produces void labels to suit your application to include sequential numbering, bar coding, a company logo and also can be produced as a label set for multiple applications.

Print your own labels with FlexoPartners Inc. label sheets on your laser or inkjet printers.

Sheet labels come on paper or film sheets with adhesive coated to the face backing and a liner which can be peeled when the label is applied. Sheet labels are standard labels that come with permanent adhesive. They are excellent for printing labels at the office or home on inkjet or laser printers or through a copier. These labels can be cut in various sizes to suit your requirements.

PPFP Surlyn is a laminated pouching material used in flexible packing of dry and wet goods. The paper made from PPFP is coated/laminated by heat or adhesive to a plastic or foil film to provide barrier properties. PPFP Surlyn is used to improve packaging functions such as water resistance, tear strength, abrasion resistance and ability to be heat sealed. With its unique combination of excellent toughness, clarity and unrivalled seal through contamination properties, PPFP Surlyn is a premier sealant resin for all sorts of packaging applications. The versatility and proven performance of Surlyn support high- quality, cost-efficient packaging across a range of packaging both dry food packaging and liquid application.

This material is used in many different markets from pet food and frozen food to nutritional supplements, cosmetics and cleaning products. PPFP Syrlyn can be customized to suit your product-
specific barrier needs that will increase long-term endurance and help your product resist harmful outside elements as it sits on the shelf.