Shrink Sleeve

Shrink Sleeve

With head turning graphics and a smooth finish, custom printed shrink sleeve labelshave been shown to increase sales by 30% over traditional labeling. Shrink sleeves are one of our most durable label products because it’s printed on plastic or polyester film material perfect for products that encounter moisture or friction. Popular benefits of using shrink sleeve labels include:

  • *Full color, 360° design coverage.

    *Fits most containers and can contour to special shapes.

    *Moisture and abrasion resistant.

    *No adhesive makes containers reusable.

    *Custom Sizing to every type of bottle


Ives Mazzarolo

(CEO & Founder)

Choosing to start this printing company was one of the most worthwhile decisions I ever made. We have knowledge and technical skills second to none, but most of all we have a team that is dedicated to our customers needs.