Shrink Sleeves & Security Seals

Shrink Sleeves

Why limit labels to just one or two spots on your product? Take advantage of the full surface volume of your product with shrink labeling. Whatever shape your product may be, the entire surface of the container can carry your brand identity and raise awareness of your product. At FlexoPartners Inc., our shrink labels will animate your product like never before, with top-to-bottom, full 360-degree graphics.

Shrink sleeves provide a brilliant solution for shaped containers and works well with any type of container including metal, plastic, glass, and other container types. As an alternative to direct print and in-mould-labeling they can offer improvements to economy, efficiency and environmental performance.Shrink sleevelabeling provides a state of the art method for the application of a tight, protective covering to items that will be subjected to the extremes of heat, corrosion, shock, moisture and other critical environmental conditions.

Security Seals

In addition to shrink sleeves, FlexoPartners Inc. offers varied range of security seals. Security labels and stickers provide an anti-tamper seal for food and beverage containers. All of our security labels can be pressure-sensitive (just peel and stick) or shrink sleeves. Our safety seals are used in a variety of different industries including the food, cosmetics and medicine industries, among many others.

The security sleeves are utilized while packing different industrial products and offering superior authentication to brands and products. The seal is designed from the finest grade materials and advanced techniques, in order to improvise the tamper proofing and reduce the time consumption in packaging bulk quantity. The adhesive sleeve provides protection against unauthorized access to product. These sleeves are excellent choice for sealing or packing a container.


  • Cost effective and easily applied
  • Durable
  • Prevents malicious poisoning and grazing
  • Labeling of unusual and/or difficult shapes
  • Premium looks
  • Shelf presence
  • Applicability onto all materials – Metal, Glass and Plastic
  • Decorated tamper evidence
  • Reduced inventory costs