Multi-ply Extended Content Labels

Multi-ply Extended Content Labels

Two-Ply Labels

The top ply and the bottom ply are engaged such that the rear printable surface of the top ply and the front printable surface of the bottom ply are immediately superimposed. The rear printable surface of the top ply has a deadened adhesive on to permit the top ply to be repeatedly irremovably adhered to the bottom ply. The front printable surface of the bottom ply can also include an identification bar code, in which case the top ply has a corresponding cut-out in to permit the bar code to be visible.                                                           

Peel & Read Labels  

  • Peel and read multi-layered labels are a great way to minimize additional space for secondary information. Perfect for clear packs, bottles and containers, they provide space for extra information such as instructions, guidelines, and foreign languages, recipes, cooking instructions, nutritional information or promotions.








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