Flexo Printing

Flexography Printing vs Digital Printing (It's all good!)

Flexography (abbreviated as Flexo) is a printing process which utilizes a bendable relief plate. It is suitable for printing on a variety of different materials: foil, acetate film, and other materials used in packaging labels. Typical products that can use Flexography Printing include: shopping bags, packaged food items, and self-adhesive labels. It is widely used for printing on non-porous substrates required for various types of food packaging and it is well suited for printing large areas of solid colour.

Flexography Printing uses water based inks rather than oil based inks, thus allowing a wider range of printing options that can be used for your printing requirements. This type of printing enables faster drying time, faster production, and results in a lower costs. For maximum efficiency, the Flexo presses produce large rolls of material that are then slit down to their finished size on a slitting machine.

A Flexography printing press can go as fast as 600 meters per minute.

Fun Facts of how fast that really is:

• It's about half as fast as a Gazelle.

• It's about one-third as fast as a Cheetah.

• It's about one-fourth as fast as a Fastball (baseball).

• It's about two-thirds as fast as Secretariat.

• It's about one-and-three-fifths times as fast as a Bull.

• It's about half as fast as a Greyhound.

Digital Label Printing can be produced on a range of materials, including paper, poly, foil and many others. We can advise you on selecting the best materials depending on your design, and budget.

It’s cost-efficient to print multiple variations of digital labels within one print run. Digital Label Printing is best for short run projects. If you’re running a promotion or testing markets with small quantities of multiple label designs choose to go digital. You’ll save the setup costs of having multiple plates made in other printing methods, like Flexographic Printing.

The Benefits of Digital Label Printing: •High resolution, even for the most miniscule details and small print.

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