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Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive Label is a major category of adhesive and is a relatively thin flexible material with single or double sided coating.

Shrink Sleeves & Security Seals

Shrink sleeves provide a brilliant solution for shaped containers and works well with any type of container including metal, plastic, glass, and other container types

Heat Seal Pouches

A retort pouch or retortable pouch is a type of food packaging made from a laminate of flexible plastic and metal foils.


The lidding films manufactured by us are in compliance with authority and seal to a broad range of substrates for your packaging application requirements.

Multi-ply, Industrial & Promotional Labels

The right industrial and promotional product labels can help your products get across a strong message and distinguish your brand.

Specialty Labels

We work with five types of specialty lables namely Piggyback Label, Void Labels, Laser Labels, Coupon Labels and PPFP Surlyn.

About Us

Flexopartners Inc. has been in the printing business for over 40 years and if you haven't heard of us by now, you will. We intend to become your new best friend. How? Well let me tell you. You see our business in printing, but our real expertise is making your company rise up yo Number 1 in your industry

Choosing to start this printing company was one of the most worthwhile decisions I ever made. We have knowledge and technical skills second to none, but most of we have a team that is dedicated to our customers need.
Ives Mazzarolo