Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive Label is the most common, cost effective and is easy to apply. The material is adhesives.

What We Do

We manufacture high quality labels and packaging for all businesses worldwide.

About Us

Printing the right label, at the right time.

Welcome to the site of the leading manufacturer of label and packaging solutions in the Canadian market. Our success is driven by the highest quality products and customer service. We can meet the expectations and requirements of the most demanding projects; there are no tasks too complex for us! Thanks for choosing to visit! FlexoPartners Inc. can boast of our reputation as the trusted partner known worldwide. We are proud of the uncompromising quality of services. FlexoPartners Inc. offers our customers the most comprehensive array of labeling and packaging products as well as coordinated services for the packaging industry. We have access to an endless variety of packaging ideas and design services with outstanding people to help get your product decorated. Labeling is an integral part of your product and (it) is our company's specialty. Our goal is to provide you with a total labeling solution that fits your needs. Our packaging experts help you at every step of the way - from design through implementation. Our wide industry experience includes the food and beverage industry, (the) health and beauty industry, consumer healthcare, private label, direct mail, and contract packaging.

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